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SMWS Glentauchters 63.44 Deep Soul Medicine | 60.7% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Glentauchers Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1898 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #92   |   27/01/18   |   Hosted by Shelley
Fourteen people piled into a small lounge and drink 4 bottles of whisky between them. The result? A mixed bunch of reviews!
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Think it's fair to level with you: some of these smells aren't that positive-sounding, but it felt like people were happy with it… anyway, we've got some goats cheese and funky meats with some dulche de leche and a happy wet dog. Then we get a bit sweeter with Lyle's Golden Syrup, peanut butter brittle, brandy raisins and muscavado sugar. Cupboards are opened to find cheese, dried orange skin and dust - all in a second hand bookshop. In a sort of mad festive disaster, the Christmas pudding meets glue and hot tyres on a Formula 1 track, whilst the Quality Street get covered in coffee cream and lavender. But beware - something rancid this way comes.
This was immediately hailed as both 'very sherry' and 'very smooth'. It was reminiscent of the smell from an Indian takeaway with a bit of toasted rice on the side, reminding one of the morning after the night before. Not to everyone's tastes, but strong, full depth and even a bit dehydrated. 'Rubbery' and 'cloying' weren't said with any malice intended, whilst toffee, lemon and a cheeky orange pie appeared, with madeira wine, ham and every wood in the forest (?).

  Meet 92   |   The Peshwari naan of whiskies, apparently...   (4 photos)
There was debate as to whether this was a sweet (simple sugar, 'very sweet') or sour finish, but it had dry leather and perished rubber going along for the ride. A splash of water seemed to brighten it up, but it remained sharp for some, with sun dried tomatoes hiding in the background.
Nice name. RUBBERY!
82 / 100

Ali G4.5 Giles8.5 Hamish6.9 Iain7.6 Jamie6.9 Laura7 Liz7.3 Lucy7.2 Martin8.8 NicolaN/A Phil6.5 SaskiaN/A Shelley6.6 Stewart6.5 Avg.7.0