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Miltonduff Provenance 7yo | 46.0% | Speyside
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Distillery Info
Miltonduff Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1824 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #94   |   07/04/18   |   Hosted by Stewart
A new venue and a new venture - a tasting by the sea down at Newhaven. A mixed bag of ages and regions from Scotland tonight - which came out on top?
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Mussels, white chocolate, silage, new make, toffee, sawdust, aftershave (paco roban?), clean and minerally, orangey, ruibber gloves, iron, sterilised farmyard, leather, lillies, cow pat, fruity cupboards, talcum poweder, fresh apricots.
Champagne, gra;es, blackcurrant sweets, hard gooseberry sweets, soaked tobacco (like a cigarette butt in a bee, then you take an accidentally swig), Fruit Salads, carob, wood varnish.

  Meet 94   |   A young example from a reasonably rarely-bottled distillery   (4 photos)
A crackle, zing, vodka.
Wiser than its age, a session dram.
~£40 (70cl)
73 / 100

Ali G7 Anna6.1 Camilla5 Christina6 Giles6 Hamish6.4 Iain5 Jamie7 Martin6.1 Max6.2 Phil6.8 Sarah-jane5.3 Saskia6.8 Shelley6.9 Stewart7 Avg.6.2