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SMWS 129.2 Kilchoman 4yo | 61.9% | Islay
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Distillery Info
Kilchoman Distillery, Scotland     founded: 2005 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #53   |   30/07/14   |   Hosted by SMWS
A bit of an unofficial meet but 4 of the club (including a returning Sas) went to SMWS Queen Street for the 'Society Share' tasting - choosing 3 rare cask end bottles to finish off and take home.
Other bottles sampled:
#103 SMWS 76.74 | SSWC review 53a
#104 SMWS 120.5 | SSWC review 53b
Floral, liver pate and smoke.. an unusual, but very enjoyable, combo. Lillies, Windex and 'when you oil metallic instruments' (ahem). Toffee anchovies (yes yes), Limoncello and tea tree oil. This seems to be a nose of unusual triplets. Parma Violets, childhood cuts and bruises and Parma ham. It was very medicinal (but unlike usual Islay medicine, more like homeopathic 'medicine' - ARGHH). Don't read too much into that, it smelled amazing - but a bit less 'classic Kilchoman' than the 129.1.
Salty, cloying and much like a car boat sale in an underground garage. Sand burn, a honey sweetness then orange blossom and salted fish... seaweed continues than theme, and it tends to a sour a little over time - somehow ending up (inexplicably) at Belgian salami (very specific), herbal (bay leaves), leading to rosemary potatoes and Greek potatoes... were we influenced by its farmy location?

  We had lots of pages in 3 folders to look through..
Finish & Comments
Salted crisps (and plain old salt), leather and definitely some basil. Focaccia, calamari and mechanics' overalls.. and then a marsh with herbs in it. The finish confirms that this was herbier and more savoury than we might have expected.
~£197 (70cl)
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92 / 100

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Liz: 7.7
Phil: 8.2
Saskia: 8
Shelley: 7.7
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