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North British Directors' Cut 50yo 1962 | 57.1% | Grain
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Distillery Info
North British Distillery, Scotland     founded: 1885 | active
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Meet Deets
Meet #27   |   04/08/12   |   Hosted by Whisky Fringe
Lots of us made our way to Whisky Fringe 2012 and all sampled the same bottle for the 'half-time orange' - our first grain whisky, and what a delight it ended up being!
Whisky Fringe 2012   We tasted this bottle together at Whisky Fringe and took what notes we could. The basic jist is below, but a more comprehensive review was added to the GRAINS site, although this is a bit more of a personal take on this ancient dram.

Rich and gloriously musty, with a big cask influence (hardly surprising), yet one that behaved itself with dignity.
A freshness contrasts the aged palate and each visits brings new dimensions - strimmed grass and a summer meadow were mentioned, followed by a damp sweetness. Everyone raved about how good this was, and it compared very well to the Adelphi North British 50yo it was tasted alongside. NB We didn't take scores, but I sensed they'd have been very high if we had.

  The moment we came together to sample (lighter whisky is an Adelphi NB 50yo)
Finish & Comments
Keeps going and going, revealing new, almost hidden depths. The musty wood encases everything like the best type of caring, old man.
~£342 (70cl)
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