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1979 Sherry Butt Blend | 53.3% | Blend
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Meet #100   |   17/11/18   |   Hosted by Phil
Our 100th Meet! We decamped to Falkland Palace for a weekend in a cottage and a crazy lineup of drams - but all for charity. A good way for SSWC to sign out :)
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Nail varnish, bananas, rum. Creamy, marshmallows. Loving smelling bums just now. Glace cherries, toffee apples, Kola Kubes, juicy toothpate (toothy juicepaste), toffee, picklywood varnishy (x2), varnished wooden grapes that smell of actual grapes, 'Wetherspoon Originals', mosquito repellent, Billings!
Surprisingly spicy, pumpkin/squash, honey. Pears, caramac. Nom. I love a sausage. Pineapple, oh my god so fruity! Raisings, buttery toast Heather Mill's Bush, reminds me of Bushmills 25yo (GREAT!), syringing honey into your mouth, charred wood, cayenne spice, creamy syrup, Lucozade, orangey, caramelised banana.

  Meet 100   |   A mysterious blend from Berry Bros, potential for being a cracker!   (4 photos)
Chili, med. Chili, med. Vanilla ice cream, orange skin, slightly nut, vanilla ice cream again (and thirded), Ice Ice Baby, top of a creme brulee when you spash it.
Take out the chili kick and this would be way up there with the best tropical drams, absolutely delicious, you know when you eat mints and you breathe in and you taste mints, it's like that but matches, fantastic, sessiontastic, creamy.
~£167 (70cl)
88 / 100

Ali7.2 Ali G5.8 Christina7 Claire7.2 Giles8 Hamish8.1 Huw7.5 Iain7.6 Jamie8 Laura7.5 Martin7.1 NicolaN/A Phil8.1 Russell6.8 Saskia8.1 Shelley7.8 Avg.7.5