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Balcones Brimstone | 53.0% | USA
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Meet Deets
Meet #61   |   28/03/15   |   Hosted by Giles
Not only was it the first inaugural Southside Whisky Club Sports Day, but Giles had put on a feast of American whiskies for us to try. Could we cope with 5 bottles after some sandy exertion?
Other bottles sampled:
#122 Dry Fly Wheat CS | SSWC review 61a
#124 Elijah Craig 12yo | SSWC review 61c
#125 FEW Single Malt | SSWC review 61d
#126 Woodford Reserve | SSWC review 61e
Plenty to say about the smell here: mostly MEAT, all meats, frankfurters from the Hanging Bat, garlic, salsa mixed with brown sauce, BBQ sauce, peanut butter, Homer’s BBBQ, B&Q and a super noodle sachet (beef). And as if that meaty madness wasn't enough, we also got a load of Bavarian smoked processed cheese, Olbas Oil+, liquorice, seaweed, post fire charred wood, ‘Marmite XO’ (rum from SMWS), Ronseal.
Liquid smoke, much like the Dry Fly Straight Wheat but with ‘fake smoke sugar’, just generally fake and synthetic. Blackjacks, charred meat drippings, NASTY, soot, soy sauce, BBQ sauce, strong, seaweed, sweet, rice krispy squares with chilli. In a mad combo of food, emotions, sacrificial techniques and poor fire control, it was also described as: smoked cheese, emptiness, immolation, oversmoked and citrus toast. "The worst part".

  Meet 61   |   Is blue corn actually blue? We couldn't decide.   (6 photos)
Finish & Comments
Burnt smoked bacon, oil monster from Ferngully, rust, nuts, dog bacon (ha, ouch), rubbery, with a fake smoked salmon aftertaste. If a length is allowed to be this cutting, then we generally agreed on 'long & nasty'. "The best part" (who said that?!).
~£82 (70cl)
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Ali: 2
Calum: 9
Charlotte: 4
Christina: 5
Fran: 6.5
Giles: 3
Hamish: 4.4
Iain: 4
Jamie: 3
Laura: 4
Martin: 3
Nicola: 7
Phil: 2
Scott: 2.5
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